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ACT Together

ACT Together is the Community's newsletter, a place for everyone connected with the Community to share what they are currently into, be it an  action or concern or something they have read or viewed. It comes out twice a year.  Recent issues (PDF) may be downloaded from this page (click on the issue number).  Please note that some details may be subject to change, so please check the home page to see any updates.

Issue 96 Autumn 2023

Page 1. Something very human and distinctively holy - David Bown
Page 2. Co-op frankenchicken protest - Sandra Dutson
Page 3. Big Ride for Palestine 2023 - Euan McPhee
Page 3. MECA and Gaza Sunbirds ParaCycling Club - Jenny Medhurst
Page 4. Joliba appeal - Jenny Medhurst
Page 5. Food discussion continued - Cerys Brangwyn & Jenny M
Page 7. Fairtrade News - Jenny Medhurst
Page 8. Barmouth Holiday Highlights - Ian, Chris, Peter, Linda, Helen, John
Page 13. On Reaching 70 - Josie Smith
Page 14. Adieu! Merci Gerard! - Linda Marshall
Page 15. Greenbelt - .David Bown and family
Page 16. Failure is Part of Success - Lorraine Jones
Page 18. Margaret Raw née Davison - Josie Smith
Page 19. “Soil and Soul - People versus Corporate Power” review - Ian Parker
Page 20. “Feral”- George Monbiot review - Chris Bullock
Page 21. The attitudes of ‘religious’ founders to insults  - Nirmal Fernanado
Page 22. UTU 23-24 Certificate in Theology and Discipleship for Mission
Page 25. Community information and dates

Issue 95 Spring 2023

Page 1. Sharing our home with Ukrainian guests - Euan McPhee
Page 3. Empathy - David Bown
Page 4. Interview with Pastor Levi,N. Kivu, D.R.Cvia - Sandra Dutson
Page 6. Disappearing Palestine - Linda Marshall
Page 8. Arwa's Memorial Fund - Jenny Medhurst
Page 9. Palestinian Women Artists' Exhibition and action - Jenny Medhurst
Page 10. #RiseUpPayUp - Christian Aid/Pat Hamilton
Page 11. Fairtrade News - Jenny Medhurst
Page 13. Thoughts on Food - Cerys Brangwyn
Page 14. Donald the Land - Donald Henderson
Page 16. A taste of my own medicine - Andrew Weeks
Page 17. Carbon saving with a twist - Pat Hamilton
Page 18. “Words spoken before all others” - Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving
Page 19. Healing through creativity Richmond exhibition - Jenny Medhurst
Page 20. Disposing of Ashram's Money - Margaret Mackley
Page 22. Reflecting on Failure - Pippa Thompson
Page 23. A Book on Failure - review - John Vincent
Page 24. In memory of Paul Hamilton, London Ashram member - Liz Urben
Page 26. Holy Week Thoughts 2023 Sandra Dutson
Page 29. Books that the Zoom group found interesting - via Pippa Thompson
Page 29. The fascinating history of the Burngreave Ashram building - David Dale/Margaret Mackley
Page 30. Community Information

Issue 94 Autumn 2022

Page 1. Letter from Donald Henderson
Page 3. Greenbelt 2022 – a personal experience - Nona Wright
Page 4. The Conflict Mineral campaign in the DRC - Sandra Dutson
Page 7. How Green is my Money? - Jenny Medhurst
Page 8. Conversation about the environmental impact of our food - Cerys Brangwyn & Jenny Medhurst
Page 9. Fair Trade and Climate Justice - Vandana Shiva & Robin Roth
Page 10. How the world has changed - Linda Marshall
Page 11. Ashram holiday in Ceredigion - Peter,Linda,Ian,Chris,Jenny
Page 14. Shetland and Orkney Trip - Lorraine Jones
Page 16. London report - Liz Urben
Page 17. Greetings from John Barnabas
Page 17. Palestine campaigns update - Jenny Medhurst
Page 18. Ashram the Future- what shall we become? - Ian Parker
Page 19. Dignity, Agency and Power -review - John Vincent
Page 19. What I Can Remember – review - John Vincent
Page 20. Rethink your choices
Page 21. Community Information

Issue 93 Spring 2022

Page 1. A toothbrush says it all.......David Bown
Page 2. A Burngreave childhood......Alastair Clark
Page 5. How to prioritise......Sandra Dutson
Page 6. Snowdrops......Lorraine Jones
Page 7. Thoughts on saving gas.......Nona Wright
Page 7. Letter from John Barnabas
Page 8. Letter from the Hendersons
Page 9. New Roots memories........Linda Marshall
Page 10. Ashram Connections 3 - international!......Linda Marshall
Page 11. Welcome to asylum seekers......Pat Hamilton
Page 12. Gary's latest Journey......Gary Grief
Page 13. Black History Month........Margaret Mackley
Page 14. “Oh not Rosa Parks again”..........Jenny Medhurst
Page 15. Time is of the essence....Caroline Hart, Joliba
Page 16. Red Ellen play review.....David Bown
Page 17. Karma?.......................Ian Parker
Page18. What I can remember – reminiscences from 7 Decades.....Ian Parker
Page 18. Books that have changed the way I look at the world.....Jenny Medhurst
Page 19. A contemporary prayer and Christmas 2021......John Vincent
Page 20. Can we trust the Bible on the historical Jesus?.....Nirmal Fernando
Page 22. Community Information
Page 19. Community Information

Issue 92 Autumn 2021

Page 1. The Place of Wilderness within Ecotheology      Euan McPhee
Page 6. My Ashram Journey      Penny Rea
Page 9. The Military and the Environment      Sandra Dutson
Page 10. As I rode out one mid summer morning      Euan McPhee
Page 11. A Prayer for the Women and Girls of Afghanistan      Diane Kessler
Page 12. Ashram Connections - Chapter 2      Linda Marshall
Page 13. Water and Methane      Cerys Brangwyn
Page 14. What REALLY matters      Lorraine Jones
Page 14. Ashram Acres memories      Liz Urben
Page 15. A Reflection for Act Together      John Barnabas
Page 15. Action on climate change is in our hands      Jenny Medhurst
Page 15. Corporate courts threaten climate action      Jenny Medhurst
Page 16. God Is Not A White Man – book review      Ian Parker
Page 17. Buildings and Proceeds      John Vincent
Page 17. Securing ACT's Future      Helen Davies
Page 18. YCCN Relay in Stockton      Jenny Medhurst
Page 19. Community Information

Issue 91 Spring 2021

Page 1. COP 26 From the Ground Up Reflections       Sandra Dutson
Page 4. Earth Day       Janet Wootton
Page 5. Climate Justice needs Trade Justice      Jenny Medhurst
Page 6. So What can We Do       Cerys Brangwyn
Page 6. News from Nirmal       Nirmal Fernanado
Page 7. Tributes to Arwa       N.Women for Palestine, Pippa, Anne, Jenny
Page 9. Rosaleen Sutherland-Waite       Swami Vandadananda
Page 10. What I have gained from the pandemic       Lorraine Jones
Page 11. Ashram Connections       Linda Marshall
Page 12. Good Friday Walk of Witness Reflection      Euan McPhee
Page 12. They Have Taken the Lord       Stuart Buchanan
Page 13. Zoom gathering report and programme       Pippa Thompson
Page 14. The future of Ashram       Ian Parker
Page 14. Letter from John Barnabas      John Barnabas
Page 15. Ashram as Active Theologians       John Vincent
Page 17. Community information     

Issue 90, Autumn 2020
- Black Lives Matter and church
- DRC and conflict minerals
- Ashram the Future
- How We Came to have Our Buildings
- People who have influenced me
- Isolating in Stockport
- Gary's Covid Story
- News from members
- The Other Side by Rob Halligan
- A Church open to the world
- Ruth Bird - a tribute
- Remembering Valerie Boyd
- Bob Billborrow: his life, and shared memories - Quantum Physics
- Inner City Testament: a reply
- Index to Kingdom People
- I Stand with Farmers: Fairtrade Kitkat update
- Community information

Issue 89, Spring 2020

The past and the Future Thoughts
News from around the community since the Covid 19 crisis:
- Zooming around
- Changes to normal life
- email from Sri Lanka
- My Response to the Lockdown
- Mull and the Corona Virus
- "And people Stayed Home"
- from Cabaniers, France
- Life After Covid 19
Ashram Community May Weekend
Setting up and RUnning a Food Bank
Food, an emotive issue
Jesus the Vegan
Empowering Women Farmers
Books I have enjoyed: Marilynne Robinson
Howard Knight - obituary
Intentional Discipleship Communities

Issue 88, Autumn 2019

Page 1. Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre...........     David Bown
Page 2. Kingdom of God............David Bown
Page 3. Burngreave Events................Manju Ray
Page 4. Arms Fair 2019............Sandra Dutson
Page 6. So Much Dust, So Much Joyfulness...............Gary Grief
Page 8. A community united in grief.............Lorraine Jones
Page 9. Traidcraft in Sunderland................Valerie Boyd
Page 10. Letter from Donald and Jacqui..........Donald Henderson
Page.13. A Christian Response to Climate Change...........    Jenny Medhurst
Page 14. Ashram Holiday in Kettlewell...........introduced by Linda Marshall
Page 17. Muslim - Christian Oneness.............Nirmal Fernando
Page 20. Current Themes- Three Concentrations.............    John Vincent
Page 21. Ashram Domestic Matters................John Vincent
Page 22. Community information

Issue 87, Spring 2019
Page 1. Kerala Update: David Turner
Page 4. Seeing is Believing: Howard Knight
Page 6. Liberty,Equality, Fraternity: Linda Marshall
Page 7. Hendersons' Progress- Life in rural France:  Donald Henderson
Page 11. Obituary- Alison Boyd: Margaret Mackley
Page 12. The Primrose Season: Valerie/Alison Boyd
Page 12. Mali Day's Income Appeal thank you: Joliba Trust
Page 13. New Roots' Zero Waste Bid: New Roots
Page 15. Fairtrade News: Jenny Medhurst
Page 17. Prophetic Action and Acted Parables: Talks and Groups for the May weekend 
Page 17. Wider Service Fund: 	John Vincent
Page 18. Acted Parables and politics: John Vincent
Page 19. Parables of Jesus - Context and Reception: Nirmal Fernando
Page 20. Long Term Vision: John Vincent
Page 21. Diploma in Theology and Mission: John Vincent
Page 22. Community Information

Issue 86, Autumn 2018
Page 1. Konathu John, Ashram's Missioner in reverse, Aleykutty, and
            his urgent appeal for help for Daliths after the Keralan floods
             plus  Kerala appeal update                        David Turner
Page 4.  50th anniversaries                                    Linda Marshall
Page 5.  Refugee Stories                                       Euan McPhee
Page 6.  Some Stuff We Do                                      Nona Wright
Page 7.  Minister's letter                                     Ian Parker
Page 8.  Holiday in Ennerdale                                  Linda Marshall
Page 11. Closure of Traidcraft plc and the coffee price crash  Jenny Medhurst
Page 12. Bringing justice and hope to Malawi rice farmers      Jenny medhurst
Page 13. Frank Medhurst obituary                               John Vincent
Page 13. Celebration of the life of Frank Medhurst             Jenny Medhurst
Page 15. A Place for Everyone in his ministry                  Dan Hayes,The Sheffield Star
Page 16. Sheffield Summer School                               John Vincent
Page 17. A Story of Happy Happenings                           Nirmal Fernando
Page 19. Community information and calendar,

Issue 85, Spring 2018
Page 1. Leaving My Nets..........Mark Wildman
Page 3. Keeping Busy.............Peter Marshall
Page 5. Letter from Eurig...............Eurig Scandrett
Page 6. Winter Night Shelter, Leicester...............Margaret Mackley
Page 7. More Fracking Protests..........Sandra Dutson
Page 9. Stories of Migration............Donald Henderson
Page 10. A Student in her Sixties..............Josie Smith
Page 11. Obituary - Enid Johnson...............Jenny Medhurst
Page 12. Believe By Dates...............Cerys Brangwyn

Page 12. Branch Reports - Sheffield, Nottingham, London, N. West.

New Ways for Ashram? - Weekend working group introductions
Page 14. Social Media Proposal..........Andrew Weeks Page 15. Home Based Discipleship Communities..........Nirmal Fernando Page 16. The Discipleship Cycle................Daleen ten Cate Page 17. Ashram Study Co-op.............John Vincent Page 18. A Word from the (Still !) leader.............John Vincent Page 19. Easter Reflections.............Sam Humphrey Page 20. Kingdom Culture or Other Culture.............Nirmal Fernando Page 23. Community information and calendar

Issue 84, Autumn 2017
Rochdale 50th anniversary celebration
Page 1. Un Embarass de richesses..........Linda Marshall
Page 3. Afterword...........John Vincent
Page 3. What Ashram means to me...........Andrew Weeks, Ian Parker, Helen Davies
Page 4. ......Jenny Medhurst, Liz Urben
Page 5. ......Lorraine Jones
Page 6. Jesus Community 1968-1993................Chris Blackwell
Page 7. Celebrating Grace's life and ministry...........John Vincent
Page 8. A personal eulogy for Grace..............Andrew Weeks
Page 9. She leaves behind a lasting legacy.......Andrew Weeks in the Methodist Recorder
Page 10.Remembering founder of Sheffield shop with a sense of social justice: Sheffield Star obituary
Page 11. Inner City Testament.  ....Book flyer
Page 12. Marjorie Bonehill 1941-2017..............Andrew Bonehill
Page 13. Arms Fair Protests................Sandra Dutson
Page 16. Our Journey through Russia and Korea ....Ian and Pat Hamilton
Page 19. God's Peace cannot be achieved through force....National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)
Page 20. Emergency letter urging immediate dialogue......NCCK August 2017
Page 21. Holiday in the Cotswolds: one perspective.......Linda Marshall
Page 23. Problems of Life in a Wheelchair................Valerie Boyd
Page 24. Memories of Mental Distress..............Alice McGregor
Page 25. Don't Ditch Fairtrade supermarket campaign......Jenny Medhurst
Page 26. Growing Christian Groups and Activities.........Iain Cloke
Page 27. Community information and calendar.
Issue 83, Spring 2017
Page 2. God's Creation and its Infinite Wonders by Euan McPhee
Page 4. October Community Weekend The Wholeness of Creation  by Nona Wright
Page 5. Readings from A Heart for Creation by Chris Polhill
Page 6. A Visit to Hull - City of Philanthropy? by Linda Marshall
Page 8. How we ate beetroot soup and learned to love Putin by Donald Henderson
Page 9. More from Mull by Lorraine Jones
50th Anniversary Pull Out Section

Page 11. Hello from Paul Spilsbury 
Page 12. Jesus Community by Chris Blackwell
Page 13. Tony Hodgson's Discipleship Commitment 
Page 14. Marjorie Bonehill (Sister Marjorie) by Chris Blackwell
Page 14. What If ... but Even If by Jay Jaye
Page 15. Jean Reid, a tribute by John Vincent
Page 16. Book Sharing in Sheffield  by Sarah Clayton
Page 16. Our 31 st Christmas Fairtrade Shop by Jenny Medhurst
Page 17. Branch news from London, Sheffield and Nottingham 
Page 18. Long weekends with Sheffield Ashrams
Page 19. Diary dates and Community contact details 

Issue 82, Autumn 2016
Page 1. I wish some heavy rain - Arwa Abu Haikal
Page 1. Update from Tel Rumeida - Feriyal Abu Haikal
Page 2. Update from Hebron - Dave Havard
Page 3. Introducing Liz and John Hamblett - John Hamblett
Page 4. My time at Christian Aid - Pat Hamilton
Page 6. Teesside's Fair Food Fund - Jenny Medhurst
Page 7. Rozina's Story - Traidcraft
Page 8. Ashram Holiday - Linda Marshall
Page 11. Sam's wedding - Peter Marshall
Page 12. We Are Ashram - Liz Urben
Page 13. Sheffield Reading List - Sarah Clayton
Page 13. Frank's summer - Frank Medhurst
Page 14. Roots and Shoots Launch - John Vincent
Page 15. Dates and contact details

Issue 81, Spring 2016
Page 1. Six Difficult Months - Dave Havard
Page 3. Visit to Palestine October 2015 - Maggie Jones
Page 4. Women of Palestine/ 10 Things we can do - Jenny Medhurst
Page 5. From Our Medical Correspondent - Andrew Weeks
Page 7. 200 Years and still going - Margaret Mackley
Page 8. A Tribute to Chrissy - Nirmal Fernando
Page 10. From Valerie - Valerie Boyd
Page 11. Chastening News and The Fairtrade Coffee Challenge - Jenny Medhurst
Page 12. Pitsmoor Youth Housing Trust - David Peck
Page 13. Our 30th Christmas Fairtrade shop - Jenny Medhurst
Page 13. What is the Point of Living Simply - Life Style Movement
Page 14. The Life Style Movement Guidelines and Commitment
Page 15. Radical Jesus: My Life - Fr Russ Carmichael
Page 16. My Faith Journey Beyond the Eucharist - Cerys Brangwyn
Page 17. A study group for radicals, liberals and heretics - Liz Turner
Page 17. Art in Ashram and the new Community leaflet
Page 18. The New Challenge of Discipleship - John Vincent
Page 18. Ashram Retreat Autumn 2015 - Grace Vincent
Page 19. Community Information and calendar

Issue 80, Autumn 2015
Page 1. Reflections from the Unholy Holy Land - Dave Havard
Page 2. Moss Community Energy Project - Sandra Dutson
Page 4. A Passion for Kendal - Anne Pater
Page 5. On Sheep, Motorcars and Reconciliation - Donald Henderson
Page 7. News From Scotland - Eurig Scandrett
Page 8. Something About Us - Euan McPhee and Nona Wright
Page 9. Class War at Poor Doors - Peter Marshall
Page 10. Ashram Holiday in Silverdale - Linda Marshall
Page 12. Methodism Unbound and National library deposits - John Vincent
Page 13. Summer School 2015 - Helen Davies
Page 13. Beth-el and Communion - Neville Whitehead
Page 14. Sheffield is Reading - Sarah Clayton
Page 14. Sheffield Inner City retreat - Sandra Dutson
Page 15. Community Information

No 79, Spring 2015
Page 1. Offices into Homes - David Mowat
Page 5. Winter Shelter - Anne Pater
Page 6. Update from Hebron - Dave Havard
Page 8. Life on Mull (part 2) - Lorraine Jones
Page 11. The organisation once called WDM - Linda Marshall
Page 13. Middlesbrough Traidcraft shop and Fairtrade - Jenny Medhurst
Page 13. TTIP - Jenny Medhurst
Page 14. The Trials and Tribulations of a Vegetarian in the North East! - Valerie Boyd
Page 15. October 2014 Weekend at Unstone Grange - Nona Wright
Page 16. Ashram: Discipleship, Community and Projects - John Vincent
Page 17. Burngreave Ashram
Page 18. Radical Christianity – book and conference - John Vincent
Page 18. Radical Jesus – new edition - John Vincent
Page 19. Community calendar and contacts 

No 78, Autumn 2014
Page 2. Six Months in Hebron - Dave Havard
Page 4. Two Years On - Liz Urben
Page 6. Cleaners Campaign for London Living Wage - Peter Marshall
Page 7. Life on Mull (part 1) - Lorraine Jones
Page 9. Ashram Holiday 2014 - Linda Marshall
Page 11. Ashram: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - London group.
Page 12. Day's Pay for Philippines project update - Mucaard
Page 14. Fairtrade at 20 – and Fair Palm - Jenny Medhurst
Page 15. Fingers and Sacraments - Ruth Bird
Page 16. Radical Christianity Summer Schools and books - John Vincent
Page 16. Ashram website
Page 17. Meditation of a grandmother in a war-torn land - Josie Smith
Page 17. Greetings from Enid Johnson
Page 18. Community booklet
Page 19. Ashram Structure
Page 20. Community calendar and contacts

No 77, Spring 2014
Page 2. Barton Moss Protector Camp - Sandra Dutson
Page 5. Maternal mortality: it’s time to get political - Andrew Weeks
Page 7. Letter from Hebron - Dave Havard
Page 9. New beginnings at New Roots - Joe Thompson
Page 12. Chingari Bazooka Bhopal Medical Appeal - Jenny Medhurst
Page 12. Middlesbrough Traidcraft Shop - Jenny Medhurst
Page 13. “I intend to bring the waters of the flood over the earth.” - Linda Marshall
Page 14. Challenging Evil with the power of love - Donald Henderson
Page 15. Me and this Jesus - Chris Bullock
Page 17. How I came into Ashram - Ian Parker>
Page 18. Inner City Retreat - Anne Littlefair
Page 19. To Follow the way Revealed in Jesus - John Vincent
Page 20. Task and Vision Groups - the new Ashram Governance - Andrew Weeks
Page 23. Life Changing Rubbish - Lorraine Jones
Page 24. Radical Christianity Summer School - John Vincent

No 76, Autumn 2013

Page 2. Note from the Editors Jenny and Pat
Page 2. An alternative Christmas carol -- Andrew Weeks
Page 2. Memories of Emily - Liz Turner
Page 3. My Journey into Ashram and Ministry - Pat Billsborrow
Page 3. More Than Just Coffee Update - Jenny Medhurst
Page 4. Environmental Nakbar in Palestine - Eurig Scandrett
Page 6. Sheffield Pitsmoor Lunch Club 1976-2013 - Janice Gear
Page 7. Ashram Holiday Thirsk - Linda Marshall
Page 8. How I acquired a second family - Josie Smith
Page 9. Winter Reading - Margaret Mackley
Page 10. Living Sustainably in France - Donald & Jackie Henderson
Page 13. What does God think about us? - Richard Pater
Page 13. Memories and tributes to Richard - Andrew and Jenny
Page 15. Advent and Christmas - how important were these to Jesus? - Nirmal Fernando
Page 17. Review: "Christ in the City" - Frank Medhurst
Page 18. Review: "For Church and Nation: British Liberation Theology" - David Jones
Page 19. Speakeasy Broomhall News
Page 19. Burngreave Ashram programme
Page 20. Summer 2014 in Sheffield

No 75, Spring 2013
Page 2. Theology in Projects - John Vincent
Page 3. Gospel Excuses - Grace Vincent
Page 4. Working with Asylum Seekers - Maggie Jones
Page 5. Open Books & Open Mind - Lorraine Jones
Page 6. Bob Billsborrow news - Pat Billsborrow
Page 6. Intentional Community - Nirmal Fernando
Page 7. Obituaries
      Ken Seagers - Linda Marshall
      Ian Makrill - Linda Marshall
Page 8. Letter to George Carey - Maggie Jones
Page 9. Move Your Money Campaign - Jenny Medhurst
Page 9. Middlesbrough Traidcraft shop news -Jenny Medhurst
Page 10. Fairtrade - is the job done? - Jenny Medhurst
Page 11. The environment and the wider world - Eurig Scandrett
Page 14. Thoughts on the Bible - Richard Pater
Page 16. Retreat information - Nirmal Fernando
Page 16. Website Information - Kath Clements
Page 16.  Community notices - John Vincent