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Ashram Community Office, 7 College Court Sheffield S4 7FN tel 0114 243 6688

Since its foundation in 1967, Ashram Community has had a particular vocation to Christian service in the inner city.

The Ashram Community House in Andover Street S3 is seeking a new female resident.
She should be a non-smoker and preferably willing to offer volunteering skills.
If you are interested please phone Tamara on 07910 922462
or email or phone 0114 2436688.

 Currently there are three houses and two project bases.


John and GraceBurngreave Ashram, 86 Spital Hill, Sheffield S4 7LG tel 0114 270 0972  was opened in 2001.  This is a multi-facility complex of cafe / meeting room and residential community for asylum seekers, homeless people and refugees, with basement activities and a Multifaith Chapel and Library, in a key inner city shopping street. Some members of the asylum seekers residential community are supported by Assist (see links).  For more details about the Multifaith Chapel and Library please contact Nirmal Fernando.

New Roots, 347 Glossop Rd Sheffield S10 2HP tel 0114 272 1971 was opened in 1987. New Roots is a wholefoods / Fruit & Veg volunteer run “Shop for Justice” with a Basement Centre and a Flat for 2 volunteers.

The shop at Glossop Road is organised by Ashram members and others in the New Roots Association and is run by volunteers as an unincorporated community not-for-profit service, supported by but not part of Ashram Community.

Volunteering at Ashram

We have volunteers in many aspects of our work.  If you would like to find out more about volunteering, please contact us.


Ashram House, 77 and 79 Rock Street Sheffield S3 9JB tel 0114 272 7144 was opened in 1995 and 2001. Together these two houses make the Community House in inner city Sheffield, with 2-3 residents in each house. Nirmal Fernando, a part time resident at 77 Rock Street, describes the purpose of the Ashram House as:
To risk ourselves in a lifestyle of sharing and caring
 in community with each other,
 and with guests, the house, its objects and the neighbourhood.

The newest Ashram House was opened in 2012 to provide accommodation for Ashram members acting as volunteers in Burngreave Ashram.  This is Ashram House, 6 Andover Street Sheffied S3 9EG tel 0114 243 6688 .

There are two comminity flats which are behind the Burngreave Ashram at 27 and 29 Hallcar Street. One or two Community members live in each flat and help as volunteers inBurngreave Ashram.

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