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Ashram Christian Community in the UK
Charity No: 1099164 Company No: 477991

The Ashram Community is spread around Britain.
We are a small group of people who have joined together committing to the radical Jesus today.

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Trust Office: 31 Budebury Road, Staines, TW18 2AZ
Ashram Community Office: 7 College Court, Sheffield S4 7FN email:
Leader: Rev. Dr. John Vincent. Contact Community Office.
Ashram Press: 7 College Court, Sheffield S4 7FN email
Newsletter: Jenny Medhurst

Community Events 2020
8-10 May: Community Weekend via Zoom (previously scheduled in Middleton, Manchester).
11 July: General Meeting
23-25 October: Community Weekend, Cliff College, Derbyshire.

We have several branches around the UK where (in normal times) members meet regularly:

Midlands: Chris and Lorraine Smedley (contact via via Ashram Community Office)
London: Linda Marshall:
Click here to download a flyer (PDF) with full details of the London group meetings for the first part of 2020.
Manchester / North West: Josie Smith:
North East: Jenny Medhurst:
Sheffield: Tamara Donaldson (via Ashram Community Office) Monthly meetings are now taking place on the first Sundays at Burngreave Ashram, 86 Spital Hill: Gathering starts at 12.30 with lunch, followed by prayers, and at 1.15 a topic for discussion is introduced by a speaker. 2020 dates are: 5 January, 2 February, 1 March, 5 April, 3 May. At either side of the Community Weekend in Middleton on 11-13 May (see above) there will be an opportunity to spend time at Burngreave Ashram for working, praying, communing and enjoying time together.