Meals Together at Ashram
by John Vincent

Eating together was certainly one of the characteristics of Jesus and his disciples. It was the 'Last' of many 'Suppers' together that Jesus shared on their final evening together. The bead-sharing and wine-sharing were what they had always done – and were told to carry on doing 'to call him back'.

So Ashram Community meetings are often round a meal table. Since 1967, when we started, we have held a 'Meal Time Eucharist' liturgy, which we still celebrate today.

About a quarter of our Members and Associates are in Sheffield, and share various occasions of 'commensality' – John Crossan's word for Jesus' community meals.

Our meals together are always vegetarian and non-alcoholic, though this does not apply to private meals of members. Also, many of our meals are 'bring and share'. These two elements seem to us important for a contemporary Jesus-style community.

At present there are several occasions when we meet together around meals, either at Burngreave Ashram or in members' homes. The Events page has details of each one.